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NP. A poly like no other.

I'm an Adult Learner

Not sure what your flair and interests are? We're here to help you discover your perfect course.

Talks & Workshops >

Hear tips from our friendly lecturers & get your questions answered.

Explore Xtra >

Get a sneak peek of our classrooms, lecture theatres and chill-out areas! Our student ambassadors will take you on a customised tour to explore the ‘hot’ spots and facilities in NP! Plus, join us on an exclusive entrepreneurship track to find out why NP’s THE poly for budding entrepreneurs!

Goodies for Grabs >

Get exclusive goodie bags, limited edition T-shirts, GIFs and more!

Overwhelmed by the thought of making 12 choices? We've got XTRA good tips to guide you along!

Pursue your passion

For the first 4 choices, rank the courses you're most interested in.

Be Practical

The next 4 choices should still be courses you've an interest in, with the JAE ELR2B2 close to your net aggregate score. You'll stand a good chance of getting into these courses.

Be Prudent

For the remaining 4 choices, pick courses that are above your net aggregate score. By doing so, you're most assured of a place in one of your chosen courses.

NP's pretty awesome and we've got a whole list of reasons!

You get to learn in many different and interesting ways beyond the classroom, gain experience through internships, and immerse in overseas programmes.

Entrepreneurship >

Want to start your own biz? That’s where we come in! From providing funding support to mentorship advice, NP offers a variety of entrepreneurship initiatives to help you turn your business dream into a reality.

Internships >

With NP's connections with numerous businesses and employers, you'll get to intern at local SMEs, start-ups, and participate in overseas internships! Our internship programmes usually last for a semester, but you may be offered a chance to undertake a year-long internship. 

Beyond Classroom Learning >

Forget about the rigid 2-hour science or math class; NP provides agency-based learning, masterclasses by industry experts, learning through service and innovation for the community, and even gain work licences before graduation!

See the World >

Other than overseas internship, NP also curates special study trips and overseas immersion programmes for students. Besides these, students are also selected to participate in Youth Expedition Projects and Social Leadership Challenge trips.

In NP, we create XTRA special moments with our loved ones.